Fashionography is owned by M/s Amriti Enterprises. Amriti is the elixir churned out of hundreds of years of hard work by artisans and handicraft makers across India.

Indian handicraft and artisans have certainly seen better days in India. We, at Fashionography, are rediscovering such Indian crafts. Using the same old arts, techniques and artisans, we're creating modern products and designs. We love traditional arts and crafts, and would hate to see them disappear into the crowd of malls and modern brands. So we're making contemporary things in traditional ways, to keep those arts and artisans from vanishing into oblivion and giving them, their skills, and their livelihoods, a new lease of life.

Fashionography is founded by Ruchi Makhija out of sheer passion for Indian arts and Handicrafts.

“Having spend a lot of time and money on travelling to various parts of India to see and buy handicrafts, it struck my mind that it would be wonderful if all those crafts and local specializations could be found in one place. That’s how Fashionography was born. With the growth in Indian e-commerce, was only a matter of time, to make the availability of this entire collection to the fans of such arts, even more conveniently at the click of a button.”

-Ruchi Makhija

Apart from Handicrafts, We also like to sell unique items that, although may not be handicrafts, but still a lot of hard work and TLC has gone into making them, Products like junk jewelry, scarfs, handbags, apparels, footwear, cosmetics and other such products that we have faith in to be great quality products.

Feel free to contact us directly for any requests, feedbacks and complaints.